Opening in July, 1982, The Batcave was a highly influential nightclub that many consider to have spawned the goth-subculture. Originally intended as a glam club, The Batcave served as a meeting ground for those formerly of the punk movement, and many of the emerging goth bands of the time made appearances there, such as Nick Cave (former frontman of The Birthday Party, now frontman of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Siouxsie and the Banshees, and many others. The gothic fashion was also heavily influenced by the atmosphere of the club. After the opening of The Batcave, the phenomenon seemed to spread like a virus of sorts, and The Batcave "went on tour" as it were. The Batcave was much more of an influence on the fashion aspect of the goth subculture, rather than the music. Fondly remembered by those who were actually there.