A Mid 90s UK pop band, perhaps most famous for their album 'On The Loose!'. Members are Kelly, Craig, Lisa and paul.

Apparently the catchphrase of the band was "Keep it Deucy!", which makes little sense now, but in the pop music fueled madness that was the 90s this somehow was spawned.

The most famous Deuce tracks are probably 'Call it Love' and 'On the Bible', both of which are excellent tracks. Perhaps being one of the best examples of pop music from circa 1995 Deuce somehow seem to be the blueprint by which ant manufactured pop band is now created, from the balance of men and women to the catchy bouncy beats, Deuce are a band who knew the future of music. Inside the inlay for 'On the Loose!' is the legend "Kitsch goes Klassic", to me these words best describe the pop music of Deuce.