I woke up this morning to find that I couldn't get out of bed. Eventually I did, and then I took a shower, and went to class where Dr. Leung yelled at us for an hour and fifteen minutes about proof by recurrence. Then I went to the computer lab and wasted time on Everything and got some lunch before going to my next class, where Dr. Gupta rambled at us for an hour and fifteen minutes about unification in logic programming, and I'd have fallen asleep as usual except that I had a large Mountain Dew with my lunch, and so instead of paying attention to the lecture I had some more insight as to implementing the portal system for Solace for when I finally get around to implementing more than the skeleton of a renderer, and I also worked a bit on a DTD for the research project which I'm on (working for the aforementioned Dr. Gupta, incidentally). After that I wasted even more time on Everything.

My day seems to be stuck in a rut. Such is the life of a grad student I guess.

Oh, and today at my trikuare.cx account I got two pieces of spam (when I'd never been spammed at this address before). One was even a Make Money Fast scam - I haven't seen one of those in ages.