I needed to catch up with Hue, the professor I work as a teaching assistant and grader for this semester. I had just graded a huge stack of papers, and I needed to get them to him, because if I didn't get them to him before he left, the world would end.

He was moving fast and deliberately, like an NPC in Zelda 6, and he started going up some stairs in a large building I didn't recognize. I ran to follow him, but he took a sudden turn and entered the elevator. I had to backtrack to the elevator due to my own sheer momentum, but it was too late - I missed the door.

Frantically, I tapped on the up button over and over. Eventually another elevator came, and I went inside. It was very large inside, with a cocktail bar and big-screen TV, and there were a few dozen other people on it. It was also very old-fashioned in that it had an operator, a gangly young man with reddish-brown hair and a beard, much taller than I, but he was missing his left leg and a good portion of his body above it (replaced by a very obvious fiberglass prosthesis).

Rather than operate the elevator, he just wanted to talk about God. I told him I was in a big hurry and there is no God. He took major offense to that - he cornered me with a vengeful, violent look in his eyes. I kept telling him I was in a major hurry and that any God who eternally punishes people for temporary sins, especially such "sins" as being an infant who dies before being baptized, is either a major hypocrite or a literary device which exists as an attempt to recruit others into a violently virulent religion. He kept coming towards me, and wielded a crowbar, so I started kicking his fiberglass prosthesis.

The elevator still wasn't moving, and I realized Hue had only gone up two floors anyway, so I kicked the elevator operator hard. This made him stop caring about my religious beliefs, but as I ran for the door, he operated a remote control, and the elevator started moving.


He was punishing me.

"You idiot! The world is going to end!" I shouted.

The operator and the other passengers didn't care, and they only lounged around, talking about God.

The bastards.