I was wandering around in some city which wasn't one I recognized. After wandering into a hospital to use the bathroom at 2 AM, I kept on wandering until it was midday. I found an auto dealership and decided to take a test drive in their new minivan. This minivan really sucked... lousy acceleration, weird-ass controls, and no braking to speak of. I returned the van to the dealership and took to walking again. Someone else taking a test drive didn't appreciate the crappiness of the brakes, and hit me, killing me.

I instantly reincarnated as a grue chao, sort of... I lived in a VMU, like a chao, but it was a gigantic VMU, and figured out how to 'break out' of it, and so it became my torso. This particular VMU had a button on it which was intended to instruct the chao to become invisible and intangible, which I used often to wander around the city incognito (as though being a lifesized grue chao with a VMU for a body wasn't incognito enough). I suddenly remembered why I was in this city - I needed to rescue Bun-Bun, kiki, and some tabby kitten from main bad guys (Kitty Lily and Spring Breeze Dancin', the evil Broadway-loving aliens in Mystical Ninja). The reason for this was because I was madly in love with Bun-Bun.

When I got to the bad guy's hideout, I found that both the kitten and Bun-Bun could still be picked up while I was intangible. Kiki was, however, already dead. Bun-Bun was strangely saddened by this, and due to the stress he'd been through, he was sullen. When we escaped, he became angry at the bad guys, but fell in love with me, and so we swore to avenge Kiki's death.

We went over the summit of a hill, and saw that there were vast expanses of desert mountains. Aslan was battling a minotaur, and so we realized that we had somehow entered Narnia. Aslan had gone somewhat crazy, though, and was strangely frightened of everything, especially the sun, which was setting, and was yelling incoherent ramblings of a madman. We thought it'd be best if we went the other way.