My first Everything Day Log entry. I'm a bit annoyed about something. Tonight was the first night of Hanukah. I got stuff for my various family members, stuff which I figured they'd want and enjoy, and they did, though my brother and I did our usual "screw it" and didn't get each other anything and called it even. My parents got my brother all sorts of shit which he definitely wanted. What did I get? Fucking dishes. Specifically, a set of dishes I don't need, a set of silverware I don't need, one of those hand-blenders which I needed but was going to just get myself for a whole fucking $20 at Target, and four fucking placemats. Now this just means that when I move back down to Las Cruces I'll have even less room in my car for the stuff I actually need to bring with me, and it'll take up lots of space in the kitchen I'm sharing with someone else (who already has all this shit, and even if he didn't I'd be able to get it easily and much more cheaply than my mom's gourmet tastes generally go for at Target), and it won't do me any good. If they'd just listened to my overt hints and gotten me a big-ass hard drive I'd be happy, but no, my mom goes and just makes things awkward and difficult for me. I know she doesn't intend to do that, and was just trying to be nice and helpful, but there's a fucking reason I sold my last set of dishes and cookware and stuff to my ex-roommate in bloody Virginia - THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE. Jesus. Why spend over $120 on a set of dishes of which I don't use 75% of them when I can get a nice set of plates for $20 and a few glasses for $1 apiece? And that still leaves the fucking "God damnit, now how am I going to fit all my shit in my car?!" issue. It was packed to the brim with stuff, and I wasn't planning on much shifting of content occurring. Now I've got another huge box which I sure as hell can't fit anywhere in my car.