The Coopers brewery is located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the only family-owned brewery left in the country.

Many people consider the beer produced by Coopers to be some of, if not THE , best beer in the country. Here is a list of their brewed malt produce:

"Bottle Conditioned" Ales: (the bottles contain traces of yeast sediment to increase the flavour)
* Extra Stout (a strong and tasty black stout)
* Sparkling Ale (a strong and tasty ale)
* Dark Ale (a not-so-strong ale with a dark malt character)
* Coopers Pale Ale|Pale Ale] (a milder yet still potent ale)

"Premium" Ales: (filtered to remove all sediment)
* Premium Ale (a well-rounded, somewhat fruity ale)
* Vintage Ale (specially produced once a year, needs to be cellared for at least one year to get the full flavour)
* Thomas Cooper's Ale (smooth and mild ale, named after brewery founder)
* Old Stout (a fine smooth stout that the brewery cellar for six months before selling)

* Genuine Draft (a crisp, dry lager)
* Light (a low-alcohol lager that is suprisingly drinkable)
* Dry (another crisp, dry lager)
* Birell (an almost alcohol-free beer brewed according to a recipe from a Swiss brewery).