Since 1968 the Kronen Zeitung (Crown Newspaper) is the most popular (tabloid) newspaper in Austria. Unfortunately it causes scandals every now and then. For example in 1989 the editorial was forced by law to publish a 5-pages-apology because of a very insulting article. Still about 40% of the inhabitants read it and it is the most powerful media in Austria.

Krone means crown which was the currency in Austrias monarchy before the Schilling came together with the republic and the democracy. In these days this newspaper costed 1 Krone which explains its name.
In 1944 it was combined with 3 other N.papers to the "Kleine Wiener Kriegszeitung" (little Viennise War-Newspaper).
In 1967-71 it was published under the name "Unabhängige Kronen Zeitung" which means independent K.Z.
Today the "Neue Kronen Zeitung" entirely belongs to the Mediaprint group.