When dealing with these particular creatures beware, Fairies are enchantingly beautiful. Fairies are usually depicted in a positive light; they are usually of female gender and seen to be dainty, winsome, or even like tiny humans with wings that are often gossamer, like those of a butterfly, and sometimes angelic. But a closer look down and you will see talons in place of feet. Fairies tend to vanish rather than shape-shift (They can shape-shift though if they want to). There is no certainty about their essential form, but the it is believed that they are transparent. Fairies live in a subterranean parallel universe of their own that is often entered via holes in the ground, a mountainside, or a hill, also in underwater castles entered via lake or river. The Fairie world is not an every day experince, it is only visable to a select few children and adults from time to time. Not because the viewers will it, but beacuse they fall upon it by chance

Generally Fairies seem harmless, except when they kidnap human babies, or borrow human males to propagate their species. Usually Fairies prefer to have nothing to do with the human community. Fairies tend to be some what anti-social, and enjoy their isolation, and when disturbed but intruders can become quite dangerous. Fairies posses a great understanding for majix, and they are incredably powerful. Fairies vairy greatly from species to species. each type has some unique quality.
Types of Fairies:

  • Forest Fairies
  • Kitchen Fairies
  • Malevolent Fairies
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