Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Season 5, Episode 14


Original Air Date: February 13, 2001

This episode opens up in The Bronze. Everyone besides Buffy is dancing. Spike wanders up and sits down with her. They snipe at each other for a while. Then, Xander comes over and kicks Spike out of his seat. Spike wanders off grumpily to the bar, after stealing Xander's money off the table.

A train pulls into the station in Sunnydale. It's the last stop, and yet no one gets off the train. An attendant at the station gets on the train to see what's going on. He screams, and (it is strongly implied) dies violently.

One of the best parts of the episode:
Harmony, in slinky negligee, tells Spike to come to bed. Spike replies that he's not tired. Harmony says she isn't either, and tries to climb into Spike's lap. Spike brushes her off, saying that he's not in the mood. Harmony accuses him of never being in the mood, and suggests that they play a game.... The next shot is of Harmony, dressed in Buffy's clothing, carrying a stake and pretending to be Buffy. Spike pounces on her and they proceed to... ahem

At school, Buffy sees a newspaper article about the train massacre.

Dawn goes to hang out with Spike. Buffy gets worried and goes to look for her. After finding her with Spike, Buffy drags Dawn away, telling her that it's and dangerous to hang out with Spike. Buffy accuses Dawn of having a crush on Spike. Dawn denies it, and says that even if she did, it wouldn't matter because Spike is... totally in love with Buffy.

Buffy and Xander go to check out the train. She tells him about Dawn's revelation about Spike. He thinks it is hysterically funny. While continuing to argue about Spike, they completely miss Drusilla's doll on the train.

Buffy comes home to find Spike hanging out in the kitchen with Dawn and Joyce. Spike tells Buffy that he has a lead on the vampires who ate the train people. Buffy and Spike go out to a warehouse to track down the vampires. Buffy gets more and more uncomfortable. Finally, in the warehouse, Buffy accuses Spike of trying to make the situation into a date. Spike confesses his love. Buffy leaves in a huff.

Spike returns to his and finds... Drusilla. Dru tries to talk Spike into coming back to Los Angeles with her. She says that the V-chip is all in his head (duh? I mean, where else would it be?) and that he could get over it if he tried. Harmony comes in and tries to tell Dru to leave. Spike throws Harmony across the room. (Yay!)

Spike and Dru go to The Bronze, where she kills someone for him to feed on.

Buffy goes over to Spike's place to confront him, and sees Drusilla. Dru electrocutes Buffy with something that knocks Buffy unconscious. And then Spike electrocutes Drusilla. Buffy wakes up to find herself chained up, but sees that Drusilla is also tied. Spike tells Buffy he will prove his love by staking Dru. Buffy says it wouldn't make a difference. Then he threatens to unleash Dru and let her kill Buffy. Buffy again refuses to admit she has any feelings for Spike. Spike rants some more, and then Harmony comes in. Harmony and Spike fight. Dru gets loose, and she and Buffy fight. Finally, Spike intervenes and saves Buffy from Drusilla. Drusilla leaves.

Buffy punches Spike and runs off. He chases her, only to find that he has been "uninvited" from her house and can't go in.

Can I just say that this was my favorite episode so far this season? First of all, I love Spike, and the whole love.... quadrangle?... was just great. Plus, more Dru is always better, as far as I'm concerned. Of course, I'm still hoping that Spike and Buffy will get together. He's so refreshing after Riley, the eternal do-gooder.

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