Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode Guide

Season 5, Episode 4

Out of My Mind

Original Air Date: October 17, 2000

The episode opens up with Buffy fighting some vampires, all of which are handled by Riley and Spike before she can get to them. She is somewhat miffed.

Buffy and Willow go to the magic shop which has been newly redecorated. Buffy sees the new training room in the back, and brushes off Riley when he offers to spar with her.

Harmony shows up at Spike's lair and asks for help defeating Buffy. She is "like totally Buffy's arch-nemesis."

Joyce collapses while making breakfast. At the hospital, it is discovered that Riley has some serious heart condition, but he refuses to deal with it, and after Joyce returns from her tests, they go home.

Buffy contacts the Initiative for help with Riley's condition. One of the army guys finds Riley playing basketball and tries to convince him to have emergency surgery. Riley refuses and leaves in a huff. Buffy goes to look for Riley and tries to recruit Spike to help her. Instead, he takes Harmony and goes to find the surgeon in the hopes of having the surgeon remove the V-chip from Spike's brain.

Buffy finds Riley in the Initiative caves. He says he doesn't want to get "fixed" because then he will lose his super-strength, and won't be able to help Buffy anymore. He's afraid she won't love him if he's an ordinary guy. She convinces him to have the surgery.

The doctor removes the chip from Spike's head. Buffy and Riley come in, and Spike attacks her. When he tries to pounce, he collapses in pain. It turns out the doctor removed... a penny... Spike and Harmony escape.

The doctor fixes up Riley. Initiative guy tries to convince him to re-join the army.

Spike dreams about Buffy and realized that he is in love with her.

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