I normally don't write response write-ups, but at the advice of an editor, and after attempting to contact the author of the above write-up...

Drake Mallard has made many insightful and important points in his node about domestic abuse. The sad fact about domestic violence is that it is not easily acknowledged in our society.

"It doesn't happen to people like us."

"It's none of our business. We shouldn't get involved."

"We don't know the whole story..."

Because of this secrecy, myths and misinformation about domestic abuse propagate freely. Education and information are the most important ways to prevent the continuing cycle of domestic violence.


To blame these myths on "feminists" is both unfair and inaccurate. Not once in his writeup does the author cite a quotation where a feminist propagates these myths. Instead, the author chooses to blame feminists as a group. I'm not saying that all feminists are well-informed about domestic abuse, or that no feminist has ever advocated one of the myths in this node, but to blame all feminists equally, while not providing supporting facts, is unjust.