Well, I haven't written anything about me in a while, so I'll briefly fill you in on the gory details.

I got flat-out rejected by Stanford. Ouch.. Well, I didn't want to go there anyways.. (A big lie as anyone who has been following my day logs knows, but I'm coping.)

I went to a really interesting concert tonight. The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic was playing a concert called "Holocaust Memorial and Peace Concert". They played:

Adagietto for Strings and Harp by Gustav Mahler
A Survivor from Warsaw by Arnold Schoenberg
Symphony No.3 "Liturgique" by Arthur Honegger
"A Survivor from Warsaw" was really interesting. It features a narrator, two cantors (one was my rabbi, which is how I ended up at the concert), and a solo trombone. Unusual, no?
My favorite piece of the evening was the Honegger symphony. It's very modern, but not atonal. All of these were pieces I'd never heard before, but this symphony was really fantastic.