Today was a good day.

First and foremost, I got into the computer science PhD program at MIT. I feel all hardcore. Yes, I'm bragging. Don't I have a right to brag?

So, my parents have, of course, decided that I'm going to go there. I'm still waiting to hear from Stanford and Berkeley, and I really really would like to go to California, plus Stanford is probaby my first choice. But they want me to stay on the East Coast, and think that MIT sounds more... prestigious? Which I suppose it does. Well, anyways, it's not like they'll be deciding for me. But, still, their opinion is important to me.

So, I'm going to visit MIT on March 10, and then I have to decide about when I'm going to visit all the other schools. Assuming I even get into the others.. I hope I will.

Other than that, my day was boring but not bad. My classes were relatively non-boring, I ate actual food, it snowed. You would think after 3.5 years in Pittsburgh, I would be sick of snow, but I'm still a Floridian at heart, so powdery white stuff falling from the sky is pretty damn exciting.

Oh, and my sister sent me email saying she wore Liquid Latex to a party. Is that even clothing? I mean, I can definately see how you would wear latex on top, but.. What about the bottom? Do you have to shave? Does it actually cover anything? Inquiring minds want to know.