So here goes Day 2 of my attempt to keep a regular online diary.

Is it sad that the most exciting thing about my day is that I made it to Level 2? In three days, no less. Is that a new record? I had a hard time deciding what to node for my 25th write-up. I ended up posting the lyrics to Here's My Check, Carnegie Tech, which is my favorite parodied Carnegie Mellon song. It's not as deep and profound as I would have liked, but I'm not feeling very deep and profound.

Other than that, my day was really weak. I went to class, did homework, went to more class. Band practice was fun. I went to the grocery store. I got some of those cool yogurts with the crunchy granola things in the package on top that you stir into the yogurt to give it texture. I'm very easily amused. I really should go to the computer cluster... But I called my grandparents in Israel. Yesterday was my grandfather's birthday. I think I'm a bad person because I was truly, honestly, bored listening to my grandparents describe how one of my cousins might have a cold, and why can't he put on a sweater when it's cold? Sigh.

Ok, enough procrastination. As if I'm not going to be up half the night regardless...

Oh, and can I just say, that it makes me really happy that I followed the hardlink in my day log to granola, and the very first writeup about granola contains a hardlink to yogurt? Ok, I'm really going now. Really, I mean it..