You know the urban legend that says that if you die in a dream, you will really die and not wake up? Well, I think I died in my dream last night, and here I am, so...

The dream itself was interesting, so here it is. I will call it my X-Men Dream.

I was standing in a hospital with two other people, a man and a woman, who were my "team", and we were trying to convince one of the nurses, a blonde woman wearing scrubs that she was "one of us" and that she had to come with us and had to come with us quickly. She, of course, had no idea what we were talking about, and her supervisor, a heavy-set woman with dark hair was yelling at us, saying that we had to leave.

Suddenly, a man appeared. I don't really know where he came from, and his only distinguishing characteristics were that he was very pale and had light brown hair. He sprouted Wolverine-style metal claws and attacked one of the patients in the hospital. The blonde nurse went to catch the patient as he fell, and the Wolverine man stabbed straight through her chest with his claws and then ran off. My teammates chased him and managed to subdue him (I think with some sort of tranquilizer, but this is something I figured out once I woke up and thought about it.) but I stayed to watch the nurse.

The nurse had, at this point, realized that the patient was dead, but also saw that her own wounds had closed up and healed completely. After seeing this, she agreed to come with us.

The team leader insisted that we had to hurry to a certain location because "He will be coming again!" In my head, I somehow knew that this meant that the Wolverine man would appear, but it didn't really make sense, since we had just killed him. We drove to a grassy area and waited, and around midnight, the Wolverine man just appeard out of thin air, as if he had teleported there. This time, instead of killing him, we captured him and took him away.

At this point in my dream, I changed characters and became the Wolverine man.

I woke up in a white room that looked like a laboratory. I felt sluggish, as if I had been heavily drugged, but I heard the team leader say to another man, who looked like a doctor, "Well, I think we're finished with him. You know what to do."

At this point, the team left and the doctor had me breathe in some sort of gas that made me even more disoriented. I heard him tell a nurse to prepare the syringe, and I realized that they were going to kill me. I remember thinking that, even in my drugged state, I could probably still over-power them, but as the doctor came closer, I finally thought "Well, it's been so bad this time. I should just get it over with, and maybe next time will be better."

The doctor injected me with the poison, and everything began to grow darker and darker until....

I woke up... And there you have it. I died in my dream and nothing happened.

I just had my wisdom teeth removed, and the oral surgeon used a combination of nitrous oxide and IV sedation, so I understand where the whole combination of "breathe this in, now we will inject you with that and you will go to sleep" came from. As for the rest of it... Who knows?