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Feeling slightly better. Getting back into school, hopefully I can actually get myself out of the stupid mess I'm in. It'll take a lot of work. I don't like work. Blarg. Anyway, I'll have to actually sanction this weekend off for only work. I'll get everything done and start to have a good time afterward.

Today I'm doing stuff that I can't do at home, my English presentation and 2 math tests. Yikes. I've got this pleasant habit of going into a math test and not knowing anything about it. The thing is that all our tests are open book, so usually I can just read over the chapter, do some example problems, and then write the test. While that sounds really cool, I don't think it'll work with the 8 tests I have yet to write. I don't know, but I guess I'll have to see.

The English presentation is next class. In 2100 seconds actually. I hate speaking in front of groups... I can't wait until it's over. Don't know if I'm going to be able to do much more than the math test afterwards though... I've got a really bad public speaking phobia, and I don't think my teacher understands this. Oh well... hopefully I won't suck, and hopefully she'll say I tried my best or whatever.

Listening to Optimistic by Radiohead and it's making me feel slightly better. That's so fucking corny.


Ok, I finished the presentation and I didn't die.


I don't want to ever do that again in my life.

My legs are itching still... I hope this isn't going to last for a week and a half like last time. Oh well... I'll know better than to shave from now on. I'm thinking about using Nair from now on as suggested by emil greer, although it might get pricey... I need a job, but I'm too lazy to work.


Speaking of work, I've got to go to math now. Yucky numbers.

Today's music selection:

Björk - Selmasongs
Various - Big Rock'n Beats (Wax Trax)
Radiohead - Kid A
SPASM - Street Fighter Alpha 2 Underground Mixxes "Da Soundz of SPASM"
Various - London Acid City
Underworld - Everything, Everything