Three more days of work left. Only 8 more days until school starts. I still don't know what to think about this. At least when school starts I don't have to get up so early.

As I walked outside this morning, the air had that special crispness, that certain smell. It's practically fall now. I'd love to be romping around outside, but instead I'm stuck in a cubicle. A big grey lifeless cubicle.

They forgot my cheque again.

I'm working on a rather mindless project right now, it's basically a find and replace job, makework. I'm defiantly wasting my time here. Hopefully I'll be learning things at college, although I strongly doubt it.

I thought about feigning sick today and then remembered that Jeff's hosting that jam session. He really wants me to show up there, but I'm reasonably sure I'm going to end up feeling useless. I don't know how to play an instrument. I'll probably just end up on the 4-track fiddling with the effects pedals. It might be interesting.

Today's music selection:

Busta Rhymes - Anarchy
Revolution Magazine, September 2000, both discs
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
Towa Tei - Last Century Modern
Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out
Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event
Ninja Tunes - Funkungfusion, both discs
Portishead - Portishead

Because of yesterday's purchase of the new Busta Rhymes album (Anarchy) yesterday, I've given myself a rather rappy mix today, which is good. I need some upbeat stuff.