At the drugstore yesterday I filled one of the most infuriating prescriptions of my life.

Woman on welfare. Been on welfare for years. No intention of getting off it. Makes the real working poor look bad. Two bratty kids with two different last names. No kids with the new husband. Hubby is fully capable of working but just doesn't want to (Hey, neither do I. Suck it up and walk it off, jerk-o).

We get a prescription for her for a drug specifically prescribed to enhance her fertility. It wasn't one of the really expensive ones. This is a $65 per month hormonal item. Nonetheless, I'm thinking No way could Title XIX pay for this.

It went through. That's right. Your tax dollars and mine are helping these deadbeats have welfare kid number three.

Some days I should've just stayed home and drank.

Summer '05 Update: She's knocked up.