The dumbest customer of the day award goes to . . .

I pick up the phone.
"Hey, uh, this is Jim Kerflucktahbooey. I picked up my prescription earlier but the bag says it's somebody else's."
[Oh crap.] "What name is on the bag?"
"Jim Kerflucktahbooey."
"We have no other customers with that name."
"But it says I live at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield. I live at 13 Spooner Street in Quahog. You've got the wrong Kerflucktahbooey!"
"Where do you work?"
"At the widget plant."
"Okay. That's the insurance we ran it through. What's your Social Security Number."
"That's what we have on file. Did you used to live in Springfield?"
"Well, yes."
"At 742 Evergreen Terrace?"
[Long pause.]
"Ohhhhhhhhhh . . . Umm. Merry Christmas. Bye."

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

[Names and locations have been changed to protect the extremely stupid. The Social Security Number I gave out above is J. Edgar Hoover's. ]