One more from the Mis-Heard Lyrics Department: every time I hear Live's "All Over You" I keep thinking their lead's singing "Our love is like Walter".

So Braunbeck and I, addled as we are by the vast quanitities of cough syrup we've consumed to combat The Cold That Would Not Die, started making up lyrics to a song called "Our Love Is Like Walter" as we were driving to the movies tonight:

Our love is like Walter
Grey and kinda gnarly and smelling strange
Our love is like Edith
Collecting cats and quite deranged
Our love is like Sidney
Cranky as a toothless dingo
Our love is like Beulah
Bitchin' 'bout her back and playing bingo

Hey, baby, yeah. *Hack* *Cough*

The movies? Yes, gotta love the dollar theater, especially since prices at the AMC Lennox just jumped to $8 for a regular ticket. Yikes! And me with a bum ankle and a lungful of phlegm and no job, and the capitalists bastards are gonna make me pay $8 to see Harry Potter and The Two Towers. Yes, I could wait a few months and see them at the dollar theater, but I would absolutely explode in the meantime. I need my fantasy movie fix, dang it!

We saw "The Sum of All Fears" tonight. I'm not much of a Ben Affleck fan -- I liked him in "Dogma", but overall he seems a bit too smirky. He was good in "Sum" -- a very well-directed film. I don't envy the scriptwriter who had to adapt Tom Clancy's book. Changing the bad guys to Nazis worked okay, but the special effects were great, particularly the bombing of the U.S. aircraft carrier and the explosion in Baltimore. When the bomb in Baltimore went off, I really did jump. I fully expected them to prolong the suspense a few more minutes, but no -- boom! Go see the movie. It's good. Unless it's the Robitussin talking.

/jen and I saw "Blood Work" at the same dollar theater a few nights ago. Clint Eastwood's getting pretty long in the tooth, but he's still convincing in an action role. And the love scene between him and an actress who is possibly young enough to be his granddaughter was only a little hokey. He's still hot, and the movie was well-written and had a good cast. The bad guy becomes pretty apparent two-thirds of the way into the movie, but overall it's a very decent thriller. Check it out when it hits video if you haven't seen it yet.

Oh! Video! Braunbeck and I rented "The Salton Sea" and "Brotherhood of the Wolf" on DVD this past week, also. Go rent! Go watch! Both excellent films, though for my money "The Salton Sea" was much better and very good film noir. If you get "Brotherhood of the Wolf", be sure to watch it subtitled in the original French; the English dubbing's pretty good overall, but the dubbing actor for the lead sounds like Dudley Do-Right. It's very distracting after about fifteen minutes.