Context went well this past weekend. I'd done a crazy amount of volunteer work running their website and organizing the 5 writing workshops offered at the convention. Gary's workshop on "Creating Character Through Dialogue" was sold out and well-received (I videotaped it so we can send DVDs to people who missed it), and the other workshops and our respective readings seemed to go well. I got to hang out with a few people, but many of the folks I wanted to spend time with I barely managed to have hit-and-run conversations with in the hallway. I guess that's about par for the course for a convention.

Oh, yeah, and I had two freelance deadlines to meet over the weekend as well. *wibble*

Dear God I was tired when it was all over. I woke up Monday morning and everything hurt ... I called off and then went back to bed.

I'm feeling much better today, though I'm still dragging a bit. Yesterday morning I got comments back from Mark Lancaster, who's proofreading my collection Sparks and Shadows ... overall he seems to really like it, and fortunately he caught some continuity goofs here and there that are easily fixable. It looks like everything's still set for launching the book in early 2007 at the World Horror Convention.

Mid-August through the whole month of September was largely a bust as far as working on my novel Spellbent went, but with Context over and the Doctor Who story off to the publisher (Big Finish, Ltd.) I should be back on track to have it done by mid-December.

Our Doctor Who novelette, "Fable Fusion", is the 5th story Gary and I have written together but the first we've collaborated on since we got married. The main characters are the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy's version) and his companion Ace. This one was the most satisfying of the bunch from a writing process perspective. I have enjoyed Doctor Who in the show's various incarnations, but I am by no means a truly hardcore fan. I hope those who hold the series near and dear enjoy our story when it comes out in Doctor Who Short Trips: Destination Prague.