Dear moviegoing Hot Damn 2 attendees: please accept my heartfelt apologies for leading you astray yesterday. It was not my intention. I hope the pair of you whose names I didn't catch and who opted not to ride in the back of my station wagon made it back to Zot's okay.

I was dizzy from the heat. I thought I was prepared. I had cleared out the back of my station wagon and put pillows in to make the cramped space (hopefully) more comfy. I had written down the movie times. I knew how to get to the theater, but forgot to go over the precise streets before I went back to the party to collect people. I didn't expect to be the only one who knew where we were going.

My sense of city navigation is sketchy at best, and I don't live near campus or Victorian Village and don't drive that area on a regular basis. I memorize routes in mosaic chunks stitched together by landmark recognition. So when people riding in other cars started asking me, "Where is the movie theater? How do we get there?" my response was good up to a point. The main problem was my brain was envisioning the end route of King Avenue when I was telling everyone Lane Avenue, a parallel street several miles to the north. And so I was telling people to turn right onto Olentangy from Lane when what they needed to do was to turn left.


Luckily, the bulk of the moviegoers were in a van that prudently followed me instead of relying on my directions, and we got to the AMC Lennox just fine. And soon after, someone with a cell phone made contact with one carful of the Misled, who then contacted another carful. As far as I know, they were able to get to the theater in time.

Our group saw The Powerpuff Girls Movie; it was much more entertaining than Men In Black II, which I saw on opening day. I laughed consistently throughout the Powerpuff Girls, as did the dozen or so other noders at the showing. MIB II was fun, but I left feeling the movie had gone flat toward the end and lacked sufficient plot development (the romance angle just wasn't believable and really needed work -- I never bought that he wouldn't deneuralize the girl). And it didn't have any new ideas. The Powerpuff Girls, on the other hand, had a plot that was more than just a padded-out TV episode, and the writing was sharp and clever.

Later, a bunch of us went to the The 'Dube for eats and drinks. I got to chat with Atesh and a few other noders I'd not met before.

But even after spending most of the afternoon and evening in cool, air-conditioned comfort ... I was just wiped out by midnight last night. My blood has gotten really thick from living up here in the Midwest so long, and I have no tolerance for this uber-hot weather anymore.