Well, I just got back from a job interview with a tech company out in Gahanna, Ohio; the interview was short and seemed to go very well. Wyatt (the company owner) said that right now I'm their top candidate, but that he has two more interviews scheduled for tomorrow. He said he'd give me a call tomorrow evening to let me know either way.

If I get the job, I start next Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I came away from the interview with a good feeling. Wyatt seems like a reasonable, no-bullshit kind of guy, and I think I'd enjoy the job. It's 30 hours a week to start populating a database-driven site with links to and short reviews of webmaster's tools (CGI scripts and such). The job might turn to a full-time editing/site management position if all goes well (that's not a particular selling point for me, but I wouldn't mind, provided I continued to like it there).

The job, of course, has its upsides and downsides. That it's part-time is a plus. That it has no benefits is neutral; the last job I had at OCLC didn't give me bennies or sick leave or holidays, either. That this job pays half what the OCLC job did is a downside, as is the fact that it's a bit of a commute (close to 40 miles round-trip).

However, it's an easy commute that avoids the kind of horrendous traffic you hit downtown. And Wyatt told me that there would likely be a raise after a few months. And, after the first month, I can work from home if I choose to. And I don't have to dress up or pay for parking or punch a clock or any of the other noise you have to deal with at a corporate job. No weekly meetings or mission statements or administrivia. I can come in to work in the afternoons; Wyatt's a night owl, too.

And this job is something I know how to do, and I think do well; I've done this kind of thing before (it's not terribly unlike what I'd be doing at E2 if I ever lost my mind and went on a huge NFN spree ;-)

So, although the pay's a bit low (as in, maybe too low to pay my bills in the long term), I think I'd be happy at this place. Hopefully it will work out.