At 2 p.m. EST today Braunbeck and I shall be wed in giddy matrimony in a teeny-tiny private ceremony in a chapel in Worthington, OH.

This wedding has been a while coming, but I kept dithering about what kind of a wedding we should have and when, etc. I was not one of those little girls who dreamed lots about white weddings, so when people ask me what kind of wedding I always wanted, I rather draw a complete blank because I never gave it much thought. Or didn't until this summer, when I was Maid of Honor at /jen's wedding earlier this month. /jen's wedding was lovely and comparatively modest but left me boggled at the amount of work that people (mainly her mom and aunt) put into bringing it off.

Since neither of us has a mom or any aunts to handle the details of a wedding of any size, we sort of thought we might go the justice of the peace route and make our living-happily-together selves legal and respectable. But somehow that didn't seem quite festive enough, so we'd go back to talking about what to do and when and then get entirely distracted from the subject for months.

But last week I finally landed a full-time job with magical fantastical health insurance. If you've been keeping up with our trials and tribulations on the sickness and injury front, you know that being able to have both of us on a decent plan would be freaking awesome. Since Ohio doesn't believe in domestic partnerships (Edit: Most of Ohio, as cbustapeck tells me Cleveland Heights does legally recognize the arrangement) we decided this week to launch our little loveboat from the cozy harbor of committed cohabitation into the wide mainstream of marriage.

It's really very easy to get married in Ohio; go down to the county courthouse to spend 15 minutes so getting your good-for-60-days marriage license, then get a judge or clergyperson to solemnize the marriage. Kind of silly you can't do it all in one fell swoop, but I suppose there needs to be a margin for cold feet.

We had originally planned to get married in October; the plan now is to have some kind of more public (though perhaps not more formal) wedding celebration then. A Halloween costume party strikes my fancy, but I am still in dither mode and really easily swayed.

So, if any local noders want to come to our little celebration-to-be announced, let me know. If you have creatively cool alternate suggestions to a Halloween party, also let me know.

3:14 p.m. update: Whee! We're married, we're married!


We went by the Jewish temple where Gary works, and they all got us a very nice gift certificate for the Cameron Mitchell restaurant chain, which means we can get dinner at one of my favorite restaurants I haven't been to in years.

And some friends of our overnighted lillies! Pretty.

The cats are a little freaked out, though. They know something happened, but can't quite put their paws on what.