Luke Vibert is from Cornwall, western England, along with his music-making friend Richard D James.

He is known for his respected work in the tangents of Electronic music, in particular jungle and drum 'n' bass.

Like Aphex Twin, he has gone worked and released under a variety of handles, including Plug and Wagon Christ (under this one of his songs, Spotlight, was "recreated" on RDJ's 26 Mixes For Cash).

He has also done popular remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs, including one of his mixes being on the Perfect Drug Versions (also known as Halo 11).

Due to his relationship with both artists, he is noted under Nothing Records, Warp Records along with Ninja Tune and Astralwerks.

He has released over 25 EP and LPs since his career began in 1993 (at the age of twenty), with his most recent release being Amen Andrews V Spac Hand Luke under the alias Spac Hand Luke. Under Plug, his next work scheduled for release is an EP entitled Here It Comes.