WOOOO!!! Half day of school

You all know what that means, don't you?
That's right - experimenting with drugs! A few weeks ago my older brother was talking about Robitussin, this of course got me intersted. So I have been reading up on DXM. The DXM faq, erowid's DXM vault, and writeups on E2 about DXM

I had planned to try it over this past weekend but my brother was home, so I went out drinking, as is the family custom. (I hope to node about that today, but I don't know if I will be able to) As it happend the administration at my school decided today would be a good day for teacher inservice, in response I decided now would be a good time to try DXM.

About an forty minutes ago(about 17:50:00 server time) I had just over around 220 mg of DXM from Robitussin extra strength. That's about 4mg/kg if my math is correct. I hope my math is correct.

Ten minutes ago I decided to up my doseage because I wasn't feeling much. I took about 120mg more when I only meant to take 60mg more. This happened because the measuring device I was using confused me and I thought it was half of what I was taking.

I have decided to post this in the daylog because: first, I'm told no one reads them, and secondly it is about my day. Finally I hope to use my scratch pad for noding other things today.

I will move most of this to another wu after I am done (hopefully)

(18:59:52 server time)I am now feeling the effects of the DXM. It is getting harder to focus on writing. However I will try and update this node with more information as I experiance it.

Server time 19:29:45)
time sems to travel strangly, fast, then slow
I feel almost drunk, My body moves on it's own, I just suggest where it should go.
I am going to lie on the and listen to music
no visuals yet
I think I hit the second plateau
some minor discontinuities(?) with time

I am both tired and very energetic, this is unlike anything I have experianced before. I tried swinging my sword, a Roman gladius, it was unusualy easy, I just told my body to swing it and it's weight was no factor.

(Server time 19:57:56)

Music plays a very big part of the experiance. I did't realize it untill I left the room with music, but I lost a lot of feeling when I did. I can't believe how fast time is passing. It seemed like it was just an hour ago.

I just realized I havn't been linking my updates. I'm sorry. I don't think I can right now though. Try back later

Server time 21:35;59, local time 6:00)

For a while there looking at the monitor on my computer was unpleasant to say the least. It has gotten better now though. This has definatly been a fun experiance. I hope to do it again, mabye over the coming weekend. It was certainly cheap enough costing about $5.50 for albout 130% of what I needed.

Many thanks to McSey who gave me advice via the chatterbox. This is one of the most voted on writeups that I have, I guess people do read the daylogs.

All done linking and correcting spelling. Sorry for taking so long.