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I'm Erika, and Im a junior (soon to be senior) in high school. My username...if anyone ever takes the time to read my bio (cause you know everyone is sooo interested in me) is a reference to my frequent use...scratch that constant use of sarcasm. people who dont get it (they totally get it, they are just jealous) always tell me its the lowest form of wit, (cause that makes it a whole lot less funny...not). Ehhh one of those really opinionated people you can't really decide if you like or not cause half the time (ok most of the time) your probably either not sure if im serious when im talking (cause sarcastic comments are SOO hard to understand...:D) or im really ticking you off with cause im so stubborn. yeah stubborn as in the house is burning but if i say its not, i will stay in it cause i DONT THINK ITS BURNING....nah i have a bigger sense of self preservation...sometimes. I'm prideful and sometime rude (cause the world is such a nice place anyway) and pretty random so along with being totally sarcastic you can't really ever follow my train of thought. half of my conversations happen in my head...its sound weird but---eh not worth the time to explain it, you all (cause tons of you are reading this right now) think im crazy already anway!
im one of the kids people ask "why can't you be normal"...well if everyone was normal they would all be the same, so everyone would be then the world would be hella boring, so i think everyone is a little weird cause we all are different therefor not being 'normal'...i digress
i love to write
im writing my own novel right now
i have 3 others in the works
i love poetry
i write songs
i am pretty much always writing...yeah i have now wait i play soccer too! that counts as socializing! ha!