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Code is king... when dancers sleep
miscreant, code, miscreant, dancing, miscreant.
The sloppier, the better. And that counts for things OTHER than sex, too!
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i'm truly one of lost boys steeping in my post-industrial gothic mindset of push-pull, please talk to me please but leave me alone unless you have something to say and even then don't say it too loudly unless it's being shouted over an endlessly electronic writhescape on saturday night with the other lost boys out there on the dance floor, half our clothes removed and even still the sweat glistens on our chests and backs and faces as we move, some of us barely escaping the stigma of dancing so poorly as to have the appearance of being locked in a siezure, and others of us seeming to transcend the liquidy flow of sound transmographied to movement, twisting and waving like a sputtering candle flame in a drafty room. But, even so, which of us are happier?
Those in siezure or those who "Know how to dance, baby!"?

No, I don't have all the answers. I do have a few. Ecstasy is NOT one of them. But, it isn't so bad a substitute. At least for true beauty. BTW, VertigoLeap's definition of it lacks a reference to one thing of TRUE ecstasy... code, earth's brightest hope for a future (at least for a reasonably happy one... for some of us, anyway -- if that's not you, then you have my sympathy without the kick in the pants). GOOD coders put pride and dedication into their work, but only a code god remembers to include enough humor to keep the stupid comments interesting enough to make the other developers actually care to read them. Heh, I wish someone read MY comments. LOL

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code god (since no one seems to have yet realized this obvious omission)