Return to The Pharcyde (thing)

The Pharcyde is a [hip hop] group from [South Central Los Angeles] that consists of four members: Tre "Slimkid" Hardson, Derrick "Fatlip" Stewart, Imani Wilcox and Romye "Booty Brown" Robinson. Tre, Imani and Romye met in the [LA] [club] scene during the late ['80s] and performed briefly as dancers on the [TV] show [In Living Color], while Derrick Stewart performed at other local clubs before meeting up with the others in [1990]. Under the guidance of a local [high school] music teacher, the group learned about the recording industry and the process of making an [album]. In [1991], they landed a [record deal] with [Delicious Vinyl].

In [1992], the group released their unconventional [debut] album, [Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde], which was propelled to success by the hit single [Passin Me By]. The album went [gold] and their [popularity] earned them a spot on the second stage of [lollapalooza] in [1994]. What I find particularly interesting about this album is how universally accepted it was by fans of different musical interests, as even the [alternative] crowd seemed to dig The Pharcyde. With songs like "[Passin Me By], a tale of unreciprocated love, and "[Officer]", a humorous narration of the group's misadventures while driving with a suspended [license], the lyrics appealed to a broad audience, but not in a watered down [pop] way. The album offered a refreshing dose of [humility] and humor to the hip hop scene, which at the time was becoming shamefully inundated with the [40 ounce] drinking, violent, misogynistic music which would forever blight mainstream rap.

Several years passed while the group toured and recorded their second album, [Labcabincalifornia], which was released in [1995]. The album fared pretty well, but failed to live up to the high standard set by their debut release. The album did, however, produce one of the coolest [music video]s I've [ever] seen. For the song "Drop", the video footage of the group rapping, dancing, and walking around a city street was played backwards. But [here's the thing]: for the recording of the video, the group did everything [backwards]. They walked backwards while mouthing the lyrics backwards, so of course when the video is played in reverse it appears as it's playing normally, until strange things start to happen. A [scene] that stands out in particular in my mind begins with Slimkid wearing nothing but [boxer shorts], walking up the sidewalk rapping, when he's suddenly assailed by a shirt and pair of pants that fly out of nowhere and seemingly dress themselves onto him. Brilliant stuff.

After the release of [Labcabincalifornia], the group [dropped off the face of the earth]. [Fat Lip] left the group and recorded a [solo album], Slimkid recorded a [jaded] and [bitter] love song on the [Korn] album "[Follow the Leader]", but The Pharcyde was generally [idle]. Finally, in [2000] the group (minus Fatlip) released "[Plain Rap]", a disappointing and wholly unworthy successor to the previous albums. The group later announced that Slimkid was changing his name to [Phoenix] and leaving the group to perform [solo].

I guess this is [the end].