Pete Namlook is the pseudonym of the prolific German electronic musician and Fax record label co-founder Peter Kuhlmann. His musical career began in the 70's when he first picked up a guitar and began learning chords from "the Beatles Complete", a period of his career that he describes almost as wasted time. Instead he says, "given the choice I would loved to have been born 15 years later and have started making music by recording natural sounds of the country side with a DAT recorder, sample them and play along these sounds with two fingers using Cubase Audio and some analog gear." Without the benefit of a DAT recorder and Cubase, Namlook composed his first song playing guitar along with a friend's sitar over a noisy tape recording of bird sounds. From the beginning, he was interested in the interaction between music and its environment.

In the 80's Namlook began playing gigs with a band and recording albums on his own, but he had a difficult time in finding a record label interested in releasing the unconventional ambient music he produced. This struggle eventually led to his co-founding of the Fax +49-69/450464 record label in 1993 as a means to unleash his music upon the world. Since the founding of his record label in 1993, Pete Namlook has released over 180(!!) solo and collaborative albums, working with such notable artists as Mixmaster Morris, Tetsu Inoue, Klaus Schulze, Bill Laswell(who *hasn't* worked with Laswell?), Richie Hawtin, Geir Jenssen, Dr. Atmo, Atom Heart, Jonah Sharp, and Charles Uzzell-Edwards. In his many albums Namlook has produced a wide variety of music spanning across many genres, but in general his sound consists of sweeping electronic synth soundscapes combined with, depending on the collaborator or project, various sorts of instrumentation, environmental sounds, electronic rythyms, ethereal vocals, and whatever else he can imagine at the moment.

A discography of his work can be found at the Fax record label website:

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