In 12309 Year of the Cat, a screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before - but never so bad! A nuclear bomb explodes due to the carelessness and general meanness of DOGS. Cats from light-years away are transformed into 'nuclear cats', and need your help! You have been chosen - now show us what you're made of! As the new commander of the Catship Felix, Major Katje, you must take on the task of transporting the citizens of Purrina to a nearby star. The problem? Angry mutated Canine-Commandos are tracking your every move! Good thing for you your ship is outfitted with the latest in Anadog technology. Using your trusty controller sticks, you and partner Kitty Commander Col. 'Fuzzy' Ruggles can show those mangy mutts what you're made of - and save the world while you're at it! After choosing your mission and difficulty level on the main screen, the main starmap of Galaxy Litreboques will appear on screen. Katje's ship, and, if she has a partner fighting along, Fuzzy Ruggles' ship, will appear on the screen. Use your CX-85s to move the ships among the stars, but watch out for those furball inbred DOGS! Use the fire button to shoot your Anadog laser in their direction. Your cargo holds are filled with the last hope of starting somewhere new! The fate of the entire Cat species is up to you! It is said that vast riches are held in secret parts of the galaxy. Squeeze toys, which amuse the kittens in the cargo hold long enough to let the mother kittens upgrade your firepower, and catnip cargo, which allows your ship's navigators to fly at ultra-speed, just might be floating somewhere in the far reaches of space. Finders keepers! Good luck, Major Katje and 'Fuzzy' Ruggles. May the Mrkgnao! be with you.

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