Had a few nightmares this weekend:

  • Dreamt that someone broke into my house and robbed me of everything I own. My laptop...my laptop... I was so distraught over losing it, and all my documents and photographs and random writings. I was so troubled I woke myself up and realized to my great relief that it was all a dream.
  • Dreamt of death by nuclear explosion. People and cars melting all around me into an orange soup. No sound in this dream.
  • Dreamt that as I was lying in bed, my clothes began to float out of my closet on their hangers. It was a ghost! Some benevolent laundry sorting ghost! As I watched this strange nocturnal activity I was a bit afraid, but I didn't mind, as the ghosts didn't seem to be doing anything bad to my clothes. Since it seemed like nothing to worry about, I ignored them and started to fall asleep again. Suddenly I felt something strangling me! I tried to scream, but I couldn't -- my mouth was gagged. I struggled in panic and woke myself up screaming.