Laying on my back in the wet grass outside the bar, I stare in intoxicated fascination at the night sky.

"Check it out, it's a satellite!" I shout excitedly to Angel, pointing to the moving pinpoint of light above. "I wonder if that's the International Space Station. It's supposed to be the third brightest object in the sky now, after the sun and moon."

Then I notice there's another pinpoint in the sky, moving in the exact same speed in the exact same direction. That's really strange. What is that?

As as my fuzzy eyes adjust to the dark and I examine the sky more closely, I find that all the stars are moving!

holy shit...what's happening?

My head is racing with ideas, trying to explain this strange and frightening new reality. Lifting my head up off the ground, I peer around and notice that the stars are not alone in their circuitous, maddening travels. The entire world around me is spinning.

it's not the's me.

I lean my drunken head back on the grass and laugh, pleased with myself for coming to this realization.