Located in Monroe County, Michigan. Part of Monroe Public Schools. Once nominated for the Blue Ribbon award of excellence. It is one of the bigger schools in Michigan, holding a ridiculous 2300 students at last count, and rising. This for a town of 23,000.

It is surrounded by barbed wire.

The dropout rate is staggeringly high. My class (2001) was the largest to come into the school, but by the time graduation rolled around, roughly 40% of the students had simply vanished from the rollcall.

The school uses the "A,B" block scheduling method of classes. That is, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you have one set of classes, and on Tuesday and Thursday, you have another set. Classes are 1.5 hours apiece.

Demographically, the school is decidedly average. Middle-class, middle-achieving, middle-of-the-road kids. You've got the regular cliques; geeks, preppies, jocks, goths, and so on. Race tensions, however, are ridiculously high. The black population in the school is a small but vocal one, spearheaded by a racist African American teacher (if you're white, you are indeed at fault for enslaving her great-grandmother) who has recently been handed a racial discrimination lawsuit by a student. Race "riots" (really just a bunch of kids cascading around the halls like so many pinballs shouting racial slurs) were common up until about 5 years ago.

Well-funded, as the school is quite near the Fermi Nuclear Plant.