From: The Thorough Good Cook

Sauces: 40. Mirepoix

Cut two pounds of fillet of veal, one pound of fat bacon, one pound of lean ham, four carrots, four onions, all into dice; pass off the whole with one pound of fresh butter, some whole parsley, a handful of mushrooms, two shallots, the least particle of garlic, a bay-leaf, a little thyme and basil, two cloves, a blade of mace, and a little pepper. The whole drawn over a slow fire, add the flesh of two lemons sliced thin (removing the pips), three ladlefuls of consommé, and half a pint of good white wine; simmer the mirepoix for two hours, and squeeze it through a tammy. Use this for entrees directed to be prepared "a la mirepoix."
Notes from the noder: Nodes from The Through Good Cook are not meant to be in contradiction to any nodes presently existing. They are, however, a fine representation of the cuisine of 1896 Europe and North America. Indeed, in this day and age, a mirepoix is a mere mixture of equal parts diced carrot, celery and onion. Augustus Sala informs us that this was not always the case, exemplified by the sauce above.