June 12, 1993 when I noticed the proliferation of Male bashing bumper stickers in my area and realized that the feminist movement (at least in its radical incarnation) no longer was representing equality (a concept I am all for) but superiority (a concept I abhor). Seems to be a trend in opressed groups, that once the yokes of opression are removed and the path toward equality is established and progressing that a minority leader of some sort and will start preaching not just equality but superiority over the group that formerly oppressed them.

I think that when one steps back and looks at the big picture, any group is just as fucked up as any other group, despite shining individuals who may rise above the rest, but then no individual should be used to judge a group as a whole. Individually humans can come across as great thinkers, inventors and leaders, but when you step back and look at the whole (majority) we're pretty dull, uncreative and have a tendancy to act like sheep(for proof of this see your history books, everything from organized religion, LA riots, Nazi Germany to Jim Jones' cult...)

This is the first in a series of where things have lost me, the secongd is Where Organized Religion lost me.