I read the paper every day, which is probably my first mistake....

Each day I read another story about violence, intolerance or corporate greed. I read as people in some countries die to gain freedoms while people in the USA give up their own. I watch corporations grow unchecked by the government. I watch the government go unchecked by the people.

I watch junkies die on the streets while our "War on Drugs" sends troops to Columbia to "solve the problem".

I watch adults give up their rights to protect their children.

I watch the Klan hate the Catholics hate the Lesbians hate the Patriarchy hate the Blacks hate the Klan

I watch European-americans complain about immigrants.

I watch as companies control people, and people let them.

I watch as a middle-aged mother of two compains about gas prices while she fills up her Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I watch, disjoined, as my own mind spirals down the well into absolute loathing for them all.

One Angry Man.

The alrternative, to disconnect. To put down the paper, turn off the television news, avoid Slashdot, yahoo, CNet, to allow it to go on around me and absorb myself in my world of perl scripts, linux servers and Dungeons & Dragons. Can I do it?

I am so tired. Tired of the outrage, anger, hatred.

Where does an atheist, whose only faith is in humankind, turn when humankind has failed him?

How does one have time to fight in a society that seems to have been engineered to use all of ones time just to make ends meet?

I'm taking a nap.