I was sitting on the bus this morning when a group of what appeared to be japanese students boarded. This was the express bus to Vancouver, WA, which has the remarkable distinction of being one of two buses in the area that makes you pay when you get off, rather than when you get on. I watched as the bus driver said repeatedly "you pay when you get off", increasing the volume of his voice with each repetition. He did the same thing when we arrived and one of the students didn't have exact change.

It was clear that one of them had a better grasp on english than the others, both instances he was seperated from the group when the incidents with the bus driver took place, and his attempts at translation barely be heard over the shouts of the bus driver.

It took all of my self restraint to keep from grabbing the bus driver and shake him yelling "They're foreign, not deaf!!".

The other thing people do is to say things slower... like the people they are talking to are stupid.

"fee Dubar unpa habbadash"

read that over and over again, read it slowly, say it aloud, scream it into the air... does it make any more sense?

I've known people who speak six languages but have a poor grasp of english treated like mental inferiors while in America. It disgusts me, I do my best to avoid this when dealing with visitors to my country from overseas as I hope they will avoid doing it to me. It's an international community, we need to start looking at things that way.