The dismal mists caused by half a bottle of Baker's 107 proof Burbon "There was something I was doing today", I told myself through the pain which squeezed against my temples like so many monkey's with vice-grips. Ah yes, tea. It's still a few hours away. I tear into my hangover, using my patented combination of bagels, orange juice, excederin and cigarettes, at 1:30 PM I'm feeling something close to human. The weather is looking on the verge of rain, so I get my girlfriend to drive me down to the Tao of Tea i'm looking around, it'd been a good six months since I last stepped into the place. Yuppies abound and my quaint tea-shop is now a refuge for the trendy elite. I search for space meanwhile I see a motley group of disaffected youth hanging outside the theatre entrance, "ah yes these are them, for they are my people", I quickly introduced myself and found us some area to sit down. My thoughts were reeling, "this wasn't the best choice of location". But lots of people got there, and we soon got past the uncomfortabe "hey I don't really know any of these people" stage and got down to some chatting about everyones favorite topic: e2. Of course as with any uncontrolled mixture there was some flux. pukesick left, moJoe and dragoon arrived. We discussed noding habits, voting habits, getting to know you nodes and those noders foolish enough not to attend, ideath promised to bless me if I swore to read every node I vote on (sign, no more vote-dumping on the daylogs). I stuck to my usual mode of mild self-deprication mixed with slight jovality (is that a word? well, it is now). MoJoe and ideath were excellent in their roles as the "senior noders" present, although everyone seemed to have something to contribute to the conversation. My fears of having three prople talk and five people just sit there uncomfortably, or worse having all of us just sitting there in silence were entirely unfounded (although with Joe there, it was hardly a possibility). All in all I feel it was successful, and I feel things got a lot better when we ditched the tea-debacle and got down to some pizza munching at the Oasis Cafe, the reedies were cool cats, as most reedies are. The washington noders, well I can't thank them enough for coming down, it really added a nice dynamic. icicle, well i really didn't talk to her much. I hope that the "over 21, portland-resident" noders can get together again soon for a night of drinking and debauchary, ok mostly drinking (ideath, mojoe, dragoon, Brain, I'm talkin' to you (I think.. there may be more, maybe less)).

Ok I know that I probably I didn't mention everyone's name, but I'm an asshole that way.