From: The Thorough Good Cook

Sauces: 28. Grande

Take three or four slices from the under part of a knuckle of veal, and put them into a large stew-pan, with two ladlefuls of consommé; set on a fierce fire, skimming as much as possible, and with a cloth wipe away all that adheres to the inside of the stew-pan. When the consommé is reduced; prick the slices with a knife to let out the gravy; then set the stew-pan on a small fire, that the meat and glaze may adhere together, and as soon as the latter is of a clear light colour, take it off; leave it covered for ten minutes, then fill it with rich stock, in which are four large carrots and three onions; let it boil slowly for two hours. In the meantime put the knuckle into a saucepan with four or five carrots, as many onions (one stuck with cloves), and two ladlefuls of consommé: Set it on a brisk fire, that the liquor may reduce to a jelly; as soon as this jelly begins to take colour, pour on it the liquor from the other saucepan, to dissolve the jelly gradually; then make it boil. Dilute some, browning with this liquor, and add it to the meat with some champignons, a bunch of parsley, scallions, and two bay-leaves; skim it when it begins to boil, and again when the browning is added; put in more consommé or browning, according as it is too thick or too thin.