Just a note: It does no good for you to soft-link this node to a write-up and not inform the author of the node (via a /msg or #everything) of what is mis-spelled, it may not be just a typo, there are millions of words in the english language and don't expect everyone to know how to spell all of them. They may not bother to look it up because they may think they are right. If you want the spelling to improve on Everything2, you have to correct the mistake, soft-linking a node just doesn't cut it.

Most people are gracious when you point out such an error and fix it as soon as they get your message, often times thanking you for pointing it out, also remember that you can't take away a downvote.

Sorry, this was softlinked to a node of mine and I couldn't find a spelling error in it, so I'm frustrated. It could have been soft-linked to that node by mistake, but the points made are still valid. Ok, I found the typo in the title, sorry.