A strian of African Honey Bee imported into Mexico and South America to aid in Honey production. However the Bees are overly agressive, attacking in large swarms and neumerous deaths have been reported. Colonies of these bees have made their way northward and people often worry about when the bees will make it to their area.

I remember hearing about the killer bees just about every day of my life in the 80's as they made their way northward in Mexico, then the reports just stopped. No more progress reports, with that nifty map outlining the "killer bees sphere of influence", nothing. And I was ready too, I had bee traps, honey lures, repellant, everything, man if some killer bees had come across me they would have been sorry, but it's been twenty years...

Where the hell are the killer bees???

I haven't seen them anywhere... someone who thought they were real intelligent told me one
"oh we stopped them at the border of mexico."

We... we... did what???

We can't stop Mexicans at the border of Mexico!

How the hell are we gonna stop bees!


Actually there have been many recent sightings and a couple of recorded deaths as the bees have made their way into Texas and southern California.