You'll have to deal with that.
Despite your efforts I will still do the things I love to do. Maybe just to spite your efforts. The threats, the promises the sex, it still won't change me. It can't.

I will still go out and play pool and drink beer with my friends.
I will still buy the new star wars tapes even though I've already got two sets, I will still hang the Millenium Falcon over my computer desk.
I will still prefer jeans and a t-shirt over slacks and a tie, those t-shirts will still say things like "got root?."
I will still go through periods of time where I shun human contact.
I will still have bad comic timing.
I will still hold on to my beliefs.
I will still prefer chocolate cake over flan.
I will still play viedo games and pinball.
I will still sleep in on weekends.

All of these things are what makes who I am, they are the things I love, they were there before you got here. They have gotten me through times when nothing else would. You entered my life knowing all of these things and to accept me is to accept them. Despite the annoyances these things may cause, you have added much more to the list.

I will always be there to hold you when you cry.
I will always hold the door for you.
I will always suprise you when least expexted.
I will always look forward to seeing you.
I will always value our time together.
I will always consider your feelings.
I will always consult you before major purchases.
I will always come to your defense.

And though we may fight at times. We may suffer hardships...

I will still love you.