A middle to upper-middle class neighbourhood, located in Portland, OR, It is bordered by Washington Park, Highway 405, Burnside Street and Highway 26.

Goose Hollow is home to The Goose Hollow Tavern, which is renowned for two reasons. One, it is owned by former Mayor Bud Clark (debatably one of the greatest mayors in Portland's recent history) who was responsible for renewing Portland's artistic heritige. It is said that he ran for Mayor on a bet with a patron of this bar. During his term as mayor his wife took ownership of the bar, returning it to him after his stint as mayor was over. Goose Hollow Tavern is also known for having the best Rubens in town. If you sit at the bar you can watch these beautiful sandwiches being prepared in large quantities to satisfy the large volume of orders. Served on a traditional rye bread and toasted in an old pizza oven, I know many people who will not eat a ruben that hasn't come from Goose Hollow.

Another prominent feature in the Goose Hollow Neighbourhood is the Multnomah County Athletic Club (known as the "Mac Club". This is the highest priced, most exclusive gym in Portland (well in the city limits at least). Aside from an excellent array of work-out equipment the MAC Club also offers meeting rooms, a resturaunt and a viewing room for events taking place in Civic Stadium.

Civic Stadium features prominently in the area, this Open Air stadium is nicknamed "How Not to use Artificial Turf". It is home of the Portland Rockies AA Baseball team, and hosts many events, such as the Lilith Fair.

The architecture of Goose Hollow is a mix of the old and the new, many buildings in the area boast historical markers, however they sit beside new condos and apartments. However some of the most remarkable homes in the Portland Area can be seen in the Western-most section of Goose hollow in the area around Washington park.