From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 14. Fowl a la Mongols

This is another cold fowl of desserte. Take off the breast. You must have ready either a mince or a salpicon pretty thick, which is to be introduced, cold, into the body of the fowl. Beat the yolks of two eggs with a little fresh melted butter; then cover the breast of the fowl only With crumbs of bread, basted with clarified butter; next give it a color with the salamander, but you must be careful to see that it does not get brown too soon; now baste it with a little butter again; take the red-hot shovel to give the fowl a good brown colour on all sides; serve a brown sauce under it if you have applied a salpicon, and a smooth sauce if you have used a mince. It may also be called a "poularde en surprise."

The mince or the salpicon may be made with the same sauce. Salpicon is a composition of different ingredients, and mince (emince) is all of one sort:

Salpicon: Cut into small dice some mushrooms, tongue, truffles, and fillets of fowl; the truffles and mushrooms must be ready done, as well as the tongue and fowl; put all this into a very reduced B├ęchamel, and when cold use as directed.

Emince is only the fleshy part of either fowl or game minced and put into some well-seasoned B├ęchamel. When you have a short allowance of meat you are obliged to mince, as this requires no shape. Salpicon is in general brown; minced fowl always white.