It was about a month ago that I came about with my final, end-all reason that I eat meat...

I'm an arrogant (as well as insensitive) SOB. That's right, I'm a human being, as a race we've out-smarted every critter on the planet so I'll be damned if I'm not going to bite into the side of some inferior animal. I'm the top of the food chain and I feel it's my responsibility to act that way. Hey! we're even smart enough that we've made it so that we don't even have to hunt anymore! Add to that the fact that most of our livestock animals have had most of their survival instincts bread out of them hundreds of years ago if a human operated meat packing facility didn't end the life of that cow with a steel bolt through it's head, it would probably be ripped apart still kicking by wild dogs (or some other such predator), and I'll be damned if some wild dogs are going to bogart my strip steak!

I'm arrogant, I eat meat because I like the way it tastes and because I can. It feels nice at the top. P.E.T.A. and other such organizations can go suck on a sogy lump of tofu if they think I'm going to let a lion or wolf eat better than I do. I mean what's the primary attribute of a cow?: It's Tasty!.

The advent of aquaculture and further scientific advancements in agricultural areas are making it possible for us to eat and live better than our ancestors ever had. I say dig in!