Available at Taco Bell and other fine Taco-Based eating establishments, this item solves the major dillema facing Taco Lover's everywhere (Not to be confused with CmdrTaco lovers who have an entirely diffirent set of dillemas), that dillema is that of overly fragile taco shells.

The Double-Decker Taco tackles this through a remarkable feat of enginering and design. By taking a soft tortilla and spreading a thin layer of refried beans on it and wrapping this around the brittle taco shell. This creates a glue-like layer which holds the taco shell together. There is one down side to this in that if the Double-Decker taco sits for too long, moisture in the bean layer will cause the taco shell to become soft. The Double-Decker taco must be consumed immediatley after purchase to attain a maximum enjoyment factor.

The fillingsof the Double-Decker Taco are the same as for standard tacos, and will vary depending on the resturaunt.