From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 6. Cutlets of Fillets of Fowl, with Crumbs of Bread a la Marechale.

Take four small fowls; cut off the fillets without injuring the small fillets; cut the merry-thoughts in two. Take off the small fillets; pare them into the shape of hearts; stick the merry-thought bones into the point of the hearts, to give them the appearance of chops; and do the same with the other fillets. Season them with pepper and salt; then brush them over with yolks of eggs, and dip them into crumbs of bread; next dip them into clarified butter, and then into crumbs again. Use your knife to level the bread, and broil the fillets over a brisk fire. The fillets, being very thin, require only to be lightly browned. Serve under them some thin Spanish sauce, well seasoned.

I must here observe to young or inexperienced cooks that when they have something thin to broil, the fire must be very sharp; and when something thick, the fire must be moderate, as the flesh takes more time to be done through.