This is the single most important peice of advice I can give to a man in a relationship that is having minor difficulties. I say minor because this certainly won't smooth over that night you spent with a malaysian prostitute, but even in that case, it can't hurt.

My girlfriend and I recently moved in together, during this time it seemed as though the powers that be were working against us. About two months before we planned to move I lost my job. Then we had difficulties finding a house or apartment that would accept us (considering my recent employment difficulties and bad credit situation), It rained on the day of move in, my girlfriends former roommate was causing her grief, the whole situation had become very stressful, but despite all of this we overcame the difficulty. These events however caused fights, disagreements and other small dings which left their scars on our relationship. The financial burden of moving, the actual work moving, all of it was adding stress to our already streched lives. This last weekend was our first full weekend together in our new house (last weekend we were moving in). Friday night had not been easy, we had an argument over our respecitve financial situations, she urging me to get out of debt as quickly as possible, me trying to tell her that I can still get out of debt and buy some things to make living in the house easier, we worked out a budget, but there was still that residual pain from the argument. Saturday morning I got up early and fixed us both a wonderful breakfast of french toast, bacon and some fruit smoothies, that evening I cooked japanese style rice-balls. By the end of the day she was happier than ever. Something in the food, or in the effort I took preparing these fine meals reassured her. Sunday night I prepared Stuffed Pork Porcini, this pushed her over the edge from content to blissful and things feel back to normal.

Oh I'd cooked for her before (Pasta LordOmar and the like, simple things I could throw together), and I probably would have fixed these items even if there hadn't been problems because I love to cook, but the reaction I recieved from her ensured that I'll look forward to cooking for her again and again as we continue our lives together.

Guys, cook for your women (or partner), they do appreciate it, remember their tastes, likes and dislikes, as well as any diet that they are on. The small gestures go a long way.

Another round of introspective bullshit from your friendly neighborhood LordOmar